Joy of Learning – My Raspberry Pi Journey part 2

First, let me say that I was pleasantly surprised at the number of views that my previous post received.  Most of my other posts have under 100 views but this last one had over 1500 views.  Hopefully my ideas and thoughts are helpful to others, that is why I am trying to blog in the first place.

I have had a couple of weeks to play with and do research about my Raspberry Pi.  I have tried installing different programs and systems onto SD cards to use with the Pi.  I had success with the emulator program using some open source files but ran into issues that required a powered usb hub.  I also had many times where I wanted to stop my current activity and try something new.  I am still interested in creating an internet controlled garage door opener that includes a camera so I can see if my garage is open or not.  I also ran into problems when other pieces of hardware were needed that I did not have.  For some reason I no longer owned a usb keyboard, apparently I have gone wireless as much as possible over the years.  I also got distracted by other things like spending time with my family and trying to stay warm in this bitter cold.

While I wait for some parts to come in so that I can try some further things which hopefully I will detail what I have done, it is nice to reflect again on how this relates to the learning process that we strive to have in our classrooms.  I ran into failure points but I did not let that stop me.  I created some successes but they were not the end points but just points along the path.  I learned from others using digital tools like Twitter and YouTube.  I enjoyed the learning and am still excited for the next stage.

Isn’t this what we want to see in our classroom?  Will what I learned stick with me a lot longer than just if I read about it or listened to someone else talk about it?  At any point did I need a worksheet to help me learn?  What if I got graded on this at various points, like when I ran into failure but eventually found my way to success?

More ideas, thoughts and results are yet to come but I hope that what I have written so far helps create discussions about what is happening in our classrooms.

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