The True Power of my PLN

I created my Twitter account in November of 2009 to connect with my own students and share out news articles or resources about science topics.  The major byproduct of this was the connections… Continue reading

Note Taking in the 21st Century

Thinking back to my college days, I remember sitting in lecture halls and feverishly writing down all of the notes I could while the professor lectured.  It was always a challenge to keep… Continue reading

Using a Swivl To Help Students Learn How To Present Better

Students are expected to present in so many of their classes, but how often do we actually spend time on helping students become better presenters?  So many of the student presentations I see… Continue reading

Improve Your Workflow Clarity for Students

One common issue that I hear about a lot, is that as teachers have adopted a more digital workflow in their classrooms, students are not always clear on the how/what/when of the class.… Continue reading

YouTube Transcripts and Closed Captions

You can easily enable a transcript or closed captions for videos in YouTube.  This will assist any students, or anyone for that matter, who may have trouble following along, have a hearing issue,… Continue reading

Gmail and Google Drive Organization Tips

One of the biggest obstacles to working effectively in the digital world, is our ability to stay organized and to not fall into the deep end of disorganization with digital files.  It is… Continue reading

Teachers: Do No Harm

Recently I was watching an episode of Scrubs, one of my all-time favorite shows, and they were reciting the hippocratic oath: DO NO HARM.  This is a great oath to follow even for… Continue reading

Doing More With Your Google Sheets – Basic Equations

This year at ITEC I presented about how to use some basic equations to do more with your data in a Google Sheet.  There are about 10 equations that I use on a… Continue reading

Production – Not Reproduction

While wandering around the Art Institute of Chicago this last weekend, I ran into a quote by an artist that spoke to me as an educator.  The artist was alive in the early… Continue reading

“Project Falcon” – Gamification of Teacher Learning – Update #1

Project Falcon is not really the name of this project, it just sounds cooler than Gamification Model of Technology Teacher Learning. Earlier this year when I applied to the Google Innovator Academy, I… Continue reading