Using a Swivl for Instructional Coaching

Earlier this year we purchased Swivls for each building in our district to be used by our teachers in their work in the classroom, as well as their work with our instructional coaches.… Continue reading

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Back in 10th grade, I started playing golf as my spring semester sport.  The three years before that I had been playing tennis but we moved to a different district, and they did… Continue reading

Data Is Your Friend

Teaching is a very tough job.  You have 24, or more, students in a class 5-6 times a day.  There is a lot going on in the class and it is very easy… Continue reading

Intrinsic Motivation of Learners

One of the areas that I am trying to focus on lately is the focus on intrinsic motivation of teacher learners.  As someone who helps to design professional learning experiences and for my… Continue reading

Using Participate for Twitter Chats

Tonight I was asked to participate in the first #SwivlChat since I have been a Swivl Video Pioneer for the last 2 years.  I received an email from Swivl with a link to… Continue reading

Google Keep – Great, but not well known Google tool

Google Keep is one of those tools that can be very useful but not a lot of people know about it or use it often enough to get enough out of it.  While… Continue reading

The True Power of my PLN

I created my Twitter account in November of 2009 to connect with my own students and share out news articles or resources about science topics.  The major byproduct of this was the connections… Continue reading

Note Taking in the 21st Century

Thinking back to my college days, I remember sitting in lecture halls and feverishly writing down all of the notes I could while the professor lectured.  It was always a challenge to keep… Continue reading

Using a Swivl To Help Students Learn How To Present Better

Students are expected to present in so many of their classes, but how often do we actually spend time on helping students become better presenters?  So many of the student presentations I see… Continue reading

Improve Your Workflow Clarity for Students

One common issue that I hear about a lot, is that as teachers have adopted a more digital workflow in their classrooms, students are not always clear on the how/what/when of the class.… Continue reading