Google Classroom and Forms Fall Updates 2016

Google released some great updates this week to get ready for the new school year.  You can easily annotate assignments in the mobile Classroom app, add parent/guardian emails to send weekly reports from… Continue reading

New Google Sites

Another new update to Google Apps this summer was the introduction of the new Google Sites.  The new Sites will be the standard Sites sometime in the next year or so but you… Continue reading

Google Forms Quizzes

Over the summer Google added a Quiz option to Google Forms, similar to what was available before using Flubaroo.  This new feature allows you to easily mark questions correct or wrong when using… Continue reading

Swivl Expand Case – Great Addition for iPad Recording

Recently I was given the chance to test out the Expand Case by Swivl for free.  I have been a big proponent of the Swivl robot for a while now and was very… Continue reading

My ISTE 2016 Takeaways

ISTE 2016 was held in Denver last week and this was my third time attending ISTE, first time presenting there.  As usual there was a ton of sessions and my favorites this year… Continue reading

Google Innovator Academy – Boulder 2016 #COL16

(This is just the first blog post in a series as I work on my Innovation Project.  I will have more reflections to post in the future but I wanted to post something… Continue reading

Using Flipboard For Shared Resources

ISTE 2016 is just weeks away and as part of my preparation for this great conference, I have created a new Flipboard magazine for the event.  For those of you that do not… Continue reading

We Don’t Use Wooden Clubs!

One of my favorites hobbies is golfing.  I started golfing in high school and still go out and play 18 holes when I get the chance.  I come from a family of golfers… Continue reading

Google Innovator Academy – Here I Come!

Last Friday I received an email that was the best email I have received in quite a while.  I got the acceptance email from the Google Innovator Academy and I will be taking… Continue reading

We Have To Go Beyond SAMR

One mistake that I would like correct in my work as a technology integrationist, was using only SAMR when talking with teachers a couple of years ago.  I had time with teachers in… Continue reading