Students Uploading to your Dropbox


An easy way to have students turn in work (besides Google Drive or Moodle) is to have them upload it to your account.  Students will just need a web address and password and they could then upload their files into your Dropbox so that you have them.



  1. Create a account.  Go to and create a account so that you can store documents in the cloud.  The directions for this are very simple and you will be asked to download a Dropbox app so that you can access and edit your documents on your computer.

  2. Go to to create a way for students to be able to easily upload documents to your Dropbox.

  3. Select Register to create a Dropittome account.  


  1. Since you just created a Dropbox account, or you already have one, you will want to select “Register”.

  2. Approve the use of Dropittome for your Dropbox account.

  3. You will now have to create a username for this service as well as a password for the upload process so that only your students can upload files.  I would pick something easy and memorable so that students do not forget it.  You may want to keep this on the board.

  4. The next page will bring you to where students can upload the files.  I would copy the email address, which should be short, to your board and students can just enter it in class.  You could also put the link on your class site if you have one.  When students get to this site, they will just have to enter the password you created for uploading and then they can select the files they want to upload from their computer.  They can upload files up to 75mb.

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