Creating Student Shared Folders without Scripts


If you are not comfortable using spreadsheets and running scripts to create shared folders with your students, there is another simpler way.  It helps if you do this at the beginning of a class or at least all together as a class so you can help people who get stuck.  Once they share a folder with you, anything they put in the folder will be shared with you so that you can edit it.

Suggested Steps in the Classroom

  1. Have everyone go to their Google Drive page.  Select “Create” and then click “Folder”.

  2. The students should name their folder a specific way so that you can easily sort them later.  I would suggest “Period-LastName-FirstName-Semester”.

  3. Once they have the folder named, they will now share the folder with you.  They should click the box next to the name of their folder.’

  4. They should then select the “Share” button.

  5. They will have to start typing in your name but it should automatically bring up your account to share with.  REMIND THEM TO UNCLICK THE “NOTIFY PEOPLE VIA EMAIL” box otherwise you will receive a lot of emails.  You do not need these emails to access the folders.

  6. Now the folder is shared with you.  They can place any document into this folder to “turn in” assignments and you will have access to them.

  7. To organize all of the student folders that are now created you will have to create a separate folder for each section.  Title your folder so that you know what class and section each is.  Drag and drop the shared student folders into your section folders and now you can easily find them.

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