Google Chrome Extensions Part 2

Going over the second half of the Google Chrome Extensions I am currently using.  All of these get used on a regular basis or often enough that they earned their space.  It is important to note that it is easy to install a Chrome Extension and just as easy to delete it.  Try out the Extensions and delete if they do not do enough for you.

-Creates a link to a page that will do a Google Search for someone.  Helps those people that haven’t learned how to search for something on Google.
-Easily curate resources online to your account.
-Quickly cite websites and even helps by giving information related to the credibility of the site.
-Can disguise the type of browser you are using so that you can use Chrome with a site that requires something else like Firefox or even Explorer.
-Easily add items to your to do list or be reminded when a deadline is approaching.  
-Screen capture tool to easily share out and annotate sites.
18.  Movenote
-Create a quick presentation video going over documents, pdfs or images.  Can be sent out through Gmail or by using a link.
-Create a quick screencast and share it out quickly.  Can even be used on a Chromebook.
-Make an animated gif of a whole or part of a YouTube video and save it to your computer to post online or to use.
-Create a quick screenshot and annotate it.  Easily share out ideas or communicate questions.

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