Google Chrome Extensions Part 1

Chrome Extensions can make your life simpler or allow you to do things you hadn’t thought of before.  Why do things the slow way when the push of a button can do things for you instantly.  For part 1 I will go over some of the extensions I am currently using.

-Quickly shows how many unread Gmail messages you have.
-Saves what you have open to your Google Drive folder.
-Shortens the url of the site you are on to make it easier to share.  Also can create a QR code for the site.
-Gives you many options on how you want to save the site you have open, also includes annotation tools.
-Lets you easily see if you have any messages on your Google Voice and also quick access to make a call or send a text.
-Send content to your Google Chromecast.
7.  Clearly
-Removes clutter and ads on the site you are viewing to make it easier to share the content.
-Easily save the set of tabs you have open in your browser for quick access later.  Save a set of tabs you need open for later so you can just hit a button to open them all at once.
-See what tabs you have recently closed and be able to quickly reopen them.
10.  Timer
-Simple timer to use in class, lets you set the time or record how long something takes.
11.  TLDR
-Stands for “too long, didn’t read”.  Will attempt to create a summary of the text that you have open.  Doesn’t always work but is interesting to try.

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