Swivl Commenting and Bookmarking Features

One thing that I really enjoy about using the Swivl is the fact that they keep coming out with useful features for their Swivl Cloud platform.  The Swivl Cloud is a great place to store and share your videos but you can do so much more by using some of the features that are built-in.  The timestamped commenting feature allows you to easily write comments/questions at various points of your video and then are able to go quickly to that point in the video by clicking the comment.  The bookmarking feature allows you to create points in your video, while recording, so you can come back to them later when watching.  I go over these two features and a little bit more in the video below.  

You can find the blog post by Swivl about their Bookmarking feature at https://www.swivl.com/2017/10/31/save-time-with-swivl/.

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