Adding Padlet to My Chrome Extension

I have recently discovered that I can embed a working Padlet into the Chrome Extension that I made for our teachers at my school (you can see how to make that Extension yourself in my post about it) .  I love using Padlet as it is such a versatile tool and being able to give everyone access to one with just the click of a button, means we have some new possibilities.  My original intention with this tool is to create a message board for our teachers where can share out news, events, and give shout-outs to others.  This was a very simple thing to do and you can easily do it too.  First, you would need to create the basic Chrome Extension found on this post, and then just follow what you see in the video below to add the Padlet.  

While I found a certain way to use this Padlet in my Extension, you can come up with a ton of ways you can use this tool.  Think of some problems you have that you can solve and then get going.  As usual, if you have any questions, reach out to me on Twitter at @donovanscience.

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