Plot XYZ Data using

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One of the things that can help students and others alike in analyzing data is to graph it and create a visual representation.  You can do this easily for XY data but if you add in a third component to that data, analyzing 3D data becomes a bit more difficult.  You could create a surface chart using Excel or other higher end math program but these are not always available to everyone.  It is nice to have a tool that can allow you to do this that is freely available to anyone with internet access.  

Luckily I was able to find thanks to the help of a tweet I sent out (thank you to @fnoschese for the link).  It is a browser based graphing tool that has a lot of possible uses especially if you know Python computing language.  You can get greater depth using that but there are many uses on the surface.
The following video will show you how you quickly and easily analyze XYZ data using



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