Using Pinterest as an Educator

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There are many different curation tools out there being used by educators but one that many teachers are using, and do not realize they can use it for education, is Pinterest.  Pinterest works by “pinning” various things you find online into different groups onto a wall that you can share out with others.  It is very similar to EduClipper, which was designed by an educator, but it is something that is simple to use and is already in use by many teachers.  The purpose of a tool like this is to create a way that the teacher can curate, not collect, resources that can be used in their classroom as part of the learning process.  These do not always need to deal with the specific learning at hand, there are many topics students may find interest in and they can engage their own learning by ideas curated by the teacher.  

Edudemic did a great post about how to get started using Pinterest and the many different uses that it can have in the classroom.  I would highly suggest you read over their post as it is well done and should give you ideas to get started.
The key to using technology is to find the tools that work best for you.  If you are already using Pinterest outside of the classroom, it can become very easy for you to use it effectively in the classroom.  It is all about finding those tools that are both effective and efficient while also positively impacting student learning.  
The video below shows how you can get started with Pinterest.  



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