YouTube Sharing and Viewing Tools

As much as I love YouTube as a resource, it is easy to see that sometimes there are unfavorable parts of YouTube or that the specific clip you want is part of a much longer video.  Using the following tools you can make the sharing of a YouTube clip much more efficient, effective and even safer.

-Share out only the part of the YouTube clip you want.  Enter the url for the video you want to share.  Use the tool to select only the portion of the video you want.  Embed the video onto a site or share out the link to your students.  Show only the portion you want.
(there are other ways to do this including just entering the correct information into the url of a video, but TubeChop is an easy and free way to do this)
-Remove the ads and other parts on YouTube, show only the video.  You can use the bookmarklet to easily strip off the ads and clutter and share out only the video.
-Works pretty much the same way as ViewPure, just very basic.
-Similar to ViewPure and you can easily share out the link for others.

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