Joining the Friendly Disruption Podcast

Last night I got the chance to be a part of my first podcast as I joined the Friendly Disruption team.  Craig Barnum and Maggie Pickett started the Friendly Disruption podcast to focus on accessibility with technology for students.  Craig attended my session at ITEC this year where I focused on Making Learning Accessible for All and thought I would be a good fit for their team, so I joined them.  They have had some great guests and some even better discussions focusing on students and how we can use technology to help students who have obstacles in their path for learning.  

We are working on our format and I am excited for this new opportunity to share out about this important topic. With the technology that we have so readily available to us today in classrooms, we can help so many more students be able to learn as best as they can.  Just as my hearing aid helped me to learn when I was a student, we can use the laptops and other devices to help our students learn in spite of their physics/mental/cognitive issues.  

You can find our podcast from last night at or watch our live stream below.

You can also find all of our podcasts and other posts at our new site:

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