Use Google AutoDraw to Get Quick Images

As someone with pretty much no artistic ability whatsoever, I am continually looking for images and graphics from others to use in my resources and presentations.  I always look for copyright free media or media that has a Creative Commons license for reuse/remodification.  This is why I like to use so much but there might be an easier way to get the images I need.

Google has played around with using machine learning to identify drawings made on a computer and associate them with known images.  They developed a game called Quickdraw ( where you can even try drawing items as quick as you can.  However, the tool that I really like is Autodraw ( where it will attempt to recognize your drawing, and give you options to use.  

For example, I will attempt to draw a standard house.  As I am drawing, the site will try to recognize it and will give me options in the upper row where I can select what I am trying to draw.

All I have to do is go through the top scroll bar and find what I want it to be since you can easily tell I will not want to use what I drew.

This would be a good way for students, or teachers, to easily find images they can use in their work.  Just copy the image and paste it into whatever you are working on.  This is a great tool because I am not using copyrighted images and I can more easily find those images I need, while also getting better at drawing them myself on the computer.  Give it a try and let your students use it!

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