FETC Learnings and Reflections Shared Using Synth

In preparation for attending my first FETC conference (January 28th-30th) this year in Orlando, I wanted to try out a new way of sharing my learnings and reflections. I firmly believe that we have a duty, as professional learners, to share out our own learning with those we work with.  The sharing of new learning and reflections amongst your colleagues can lead to powerful collaborative learning.  Learning in isolation only helps one but if we collaborate with our learning, it can be so much more impactful for more than just one.

Synth (https://gosynth.com/) is a newer edtech tool that allows for smaller sections of audio to be combined to create a podcast.  This could be done in the classroom with students or even with others as a way to share ideas, new information, viewpoints, or any other information you want to share with others.

Synth can be accessed through the web or through an app on your smart device.  As this is a conference where I am a learner, and not presenting, I plan on getting by with only my tablet or my smartphone.  This means that recording quick audio segments will be an easy task using either device.  I am going to be learning as I go with this tool but so far it seems like an easy way for me to quickly share out new things that I am learning and the reflections that are triggered by those new learnings.

Linked below will be my Synth recordings and these will be updated throughout the conference.  If you have any questions about things I include on the recordings, either comment below or feel free to tweet at me at @donovanscience.


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