Blog Challenge Day 8 – Google Calendar to do Daily Reflections

One thing that can help greatly in the classroom is to reflect daily on your teaching practice.  Reflect on well the lesson went, how the students did with the content for the day and how the class flowed.  It is important to take time to reflect in order to make sure that we are constantly improving. If we just teach and then move onto the next day, we stand to repeat all of the mistakes we made in class again and again, we fail to truly create a great learning environment.

Finding the time to reflect and then organizing those reflections so that we can use them again in the future seems to be a problem for many teachers.  Instead of doing a full blog, a teacher could easily just put in a new entry each day into their Google Calendar.  They could either do a whole day event or put down an event for each type of class they teach.  Writing down a 2-3 sentence reflection and then being able to go back and see exactly when that reflection was made can be really helpful for us to be able to make the changes necessary in order to become a truly effective teacher.  Using Google Calendar means that we can have quick access to it using any device and it is saved online so we do not have to worry about misplacing it, something that happened to me a lot with my legal pad full of notes and reflections.  Heck, you could even share the calendar with another teacher in order to get a different perspective and work with that person in order to collaboratively grow as a teacher.

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