New Dropdowns in Google Sheets

Google seems to be constantly updating Sheets to make it easier to not analyze and use data but also easier to enter data. One of main features I have always used is the ability to have a dropdown in a cell. This dropdown makes it easier to either enter the same information time and time again or makes it easier to pick from a pre-created list.

I have used this when sharing spreadsheets with others and wanted to ensure they entered the information correctly, such as not misspelling a student’s name. By ensuring they are entering the information correctly every time, I can more easily use another later equation, like Filter or Countif. (I have a whole series of videos over these equations in a separate blog post.)

Another great use of dropdowns is that you can use the color options to help indicate information in your sheet. We have used this before to help indicate what level of support or progress a student or group currently has. By using the colors, you can more easily do a quick analysis of your data.

Watch the following video to see how easy it is to use dropdowns in Google Sheets.

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