Google Keep – Great, but not well known Google tool

Google Keep is one of those tools that can be very useful but not a lot of people know about it or use it often enough to get enough out of it.  While it may look like a simple little sticky note app on the surface, there are some very nice features built in that can help any teacher, or student, out.

Some of my favorite features about Google Keep is that you can attach labels to notes to easily sort them out later, labels such as classes or units can be used as you are planning out lessons.  Google Keep works well on any device so you can easily add to or create a note using your phone or tablet, which means you do not need to be at your computer to use it.  Any tool that allows me to easily add notes or record images in class, can easily help me to keep better track of student work and questions.  I am constantly using the camera on my phone to create notes in my Google Keep, such as quickly recording serial numbers of parts or student work.

Google Keep also lets you change the color of the notes to allow you to make the important notes stand out or can be used to color code different topics.  You can also set reminders in notes and since this is a Google tool, those reminders can show up in your Google Calendar.

One feature that can be very useful, especially if you are using a touch screen Chromebook, is the drawing tool in the notes.  You can easily add drawings to a note and these will be saved for viewing later.  I know a lot of math or science teachers who could easily use this tool in their class, and better yet their students could be using this.

All in all Google Keep is a versatile tool that many should give a try.  You can find more out about Google Keep in the following video.

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