Doing More With Your Google Sheets – Basic Equations

This year at ITEC I presented about how to use some basic equations to do more with your data in a Google Sheet.  There are about 10 equations that I use on a frequent basis when I am dealing with large amounts of data and I can easily move the data around to create the best spreadsheet I can in order to use the data.

First, if you are using data that is being put into a spreadsheet through a Google Form, make sure to watch the first video to see how you can use that sheet without messing with your form data.  The videos after that go over each of the main equations I use and would suggest that most teachers learn if they want to use data more effectively.

I cover the following equations in this post (Working with Form data basics, Vlookup, ImportRange, Query, Sort, Filter, Unique, Concatenate, Split, and Countif) but will have another post going over more advanced stuff in the near future.

You can find a data set to play with at


Working with Form data basics



Basic Query Function

Sort Function

Filter Function

Unique Function

Concatenate Function

Split Function

Countif Function

Filter Equation with Data Validation Drop Downs for Easy Data Filtering

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