– crowd sourced database of gamification models

Earlier this month I created a new site ( as part of my Google Innovator Project.  My original goal was to develop a teacher learning gamification model using feedback from teachers but as I got deeper into the project, I discovered that there is a very large variety of different gamification models out there.

Gamification involves using aspects of gaming as a way to assist learning, whether it is student learning in the classroom or teacher learning.  People use a variety of models that include badges, points systems, varying difficulties of challenges, one time special challenges, side quests, …. (there are a lot of differences between all of the models out there).  

One thing that I also discovered was that there weren’t a lot of places you could go to see how others are using gamification.  While my model that I implemented would work for others under certain conditions, it would not be effective for everyone.  Having one place where people could share out their gamification models and find others to contact for more information, would be much more helpful than just having my model shared out.  Using a simple Google Form and Autocrat to create the blog posts, it is very easy for people to share out how they are using gamification on the site for others to find.  I separate the models into two main categories, there may be more categories as more models are shared, and you can find those categories on the top menu row.

The overall goal of this project is to make it easier for teachers to see how gamification is being used in the classroom and for teacher learning.  The more models that are shared out on the site, the more likely teachers will find a model that fits their situation. If you, or someone you know, uses gamification in their classroom or for teacher learning, go to to submit your model to help out others.  This is a free site and no one is making any money off of it, I firmly believe in sharing freely what we are doing in order to help other teachers.  (Not a fan at all of teachers pay teachers)

So share your model or find others at 

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