Flipped Resources

Flipped Classroom
There is no one way to flip a classroom.  The focus is not on the video but on how the classroom environment changes.  The main reason I flipped my classroom was so that I could spend more time with my students in a smaller setting or even 1 on 1.  The video lecture became a resource that they could use, but it was just one of many resources they had available to them.  By digitizing certain resources, like the video lecture, you can open up the format of the classroom and give the students more control over their own learning.  
#1 Tip (If you are using videos)
  • Make the videos interactive.  You can do this by placing questions into a YouTube video or by adding something like a Google Form to the end for them to answer questions and to guide them towards the next stage of learning.  There are also sites out there like Ted ED that can help you derive whole lessons around the video.
Twitter #flipclass

Camtasia (download trial version, good for 30 days)

Flipped Classroom Forums and Other Resources

Flipped Professional Development

Flipped Professional Development focuses on the changes that we can make to traditional professional development for teachers that increases ownership of the learning.  During traditional PD teachers typically do not have a say in what they are learning and often times it will not apply to their classroom.  In a Flipped PD setting the teachers get choices about what they want to learn about and it should definitely apply directly to their individual classroom.  Digital resources are used to make sure that they can learn on their own time before or after meeting in a smaller setting with someone like an instructional coach or technology integrationist.



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