Save Time = Create Folders in Google Drive

If you are having your students turn in assignments and other activities through Google Drive (Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets) you can easily get lost when hundreds of new files appear in a short time.  The best thing to do is to create folders so that you can easily manage the files. I will describe what to do if you already have the files being turned in, but I will include a post later about how you can make everything immensely easier by using a script to produce the documents and folders automatically.

Creating folders in Google Drive is a very easy task but one that not everyone takes advantage of.  Sign into your Google Drive account and click on the “Create” button.  

Select the “Folder” icon.

I would suggest starting out with a folder for that specific class, you can create another folder later to place into the class folder with the name of the specific assignment.  

To place assignments into the folders, all you have to do is select the box next to the assignments you want to put into a specific folder and then select the folder you want to place them in.  Select all of the boxes next to the files you want to move.  

Click on the “Move to” folder icon which should be between the trash and share icons.  Select the folder you want them to be moved to and they will be saved in that folder.  

Doing this simple task will save you a lot of trouble and headaches later down the road when you have hundreds of files turned in.

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