Backing Up Files to Google Drive Automatically

Earlier this year I made a quick tutorial on how to download Google Drive to your computer, the video quality ended up being fuzzy for some reason, but with summer coming it is time to update that a bit.  Downloading Google Drive allows you to easily place anything into the Drive folder and have that file be backed up online in your Drive.  The file does not have to be one that you can use Google Apps with, but you will not be able to edit it online.  This becomes useful though when you need to access your files from a different computer or if for some reason you no longer have access to your computer, if it breaks down or gets eaten by a wild animal.  

You can quickly and easily backup your files automatically, make a change in the file and the change will be saved online, just by downloading your Google Drive to your computer and placing your files into that Drive folder.  Watch the videos below to get started.





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