Bi-weekly Newsletters 6 and 7

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Friday, February 6

  1. Newsela – Find nonfiction articles by subject with varying Lexile levels for readers.
  2. Apple TV post by Tony Vincent – Great tips on how to setup and use your Apple TV for the classroom.
  3. Teacher Share page updated – Examples of how technology is being used in the classroom have been added by teachers and there are other examples available also.
  4. Connecting Your Classroom To Others – there are many ways we can use digital tools to connect our classrooms with experts or other classrooms.
  5. Better Feedback for Students – John Hattie’s research of 800 meta-analyses showed that effective feedback was a top impactor of student success.
  6. Create an Online Collaborative Whiteboard – Post by Richard Byrne showing how you can easily create a whiteboard to work with others on online.  (No sign-in required)

Friday, January 23


  1. Updates to Google Classroom – Google has added some new features to Google Classroom, including a mobile app.

  2. Easier Communication with Students – There are lots of ways you can communicate with your students in a safe and effective way outside of class.

  3. Updated AHS/AMS Tech Site – Slightly updated the site to make it easier and simpler to use.  Feedback is always desired.

  4. Google Docs: force students to make a copy – blog post by Alice Keeler that tells you how you can force students to make a copy of a doc you are sharing with them.

  5. 15 Uses for the Swivl – blog post that details different ways the Swivl can be used by teachers.

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