Create Your Own Google Map


1.  Make sure you are logged into your google account.


2.  Go to

3.  Click on “my places”


4.  Click on “create map”

5.  Give your map a title and a description.


6.  Select “public” or “unlisted”, if you are using this for a class and do not want everyone else to be able to see it, I would select “unlisted” and share the link with others to edit.


7.  Click on “save”


8.  Select the “add a placemark” icon to add new placemarks to your map.


9.  Add a title and fill in the description with your information.  You can even insert links to Google Docs or other websites to add in more information.


10.  If you want to insert a hyperlink and want others to be able to just click the link, make sure you select the link you insert and click the “insert hyperlink” tool.



11.  To share your map with others, click the link button and copy the URL to give to others to find your map. 



12. If you want to have others collaborating on the map with you, go to and follow those directions.  

You can even use Google Maps Lite engine to create a Google Map.


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