Basics of Google Presentations

tech tips

Google Presentations is the Google version of Powerpoint and Keynote.  It is cloud based which means the files are store online and you can access it from any computer that has internet access.  You do not need to worry about having the correct version of the program anymore, a big problem we had with Powerpoint.

There are some differences between Google Presentations and Powerpoint that will catch some people off guard but there are also some new tools present that can really improve the presentations.  One tool is the fact that you can share and work collaboratively on a Google Presentation just like you can with any of the other Google Apps.  Giving a group presentation is much easier since all parties can be working on the presentation at the same time.  Sharing your presentation is also easier, no more printing off slides for people or students.  Just share the link to your presentation and make sure you have it set to “view only” and others will be able to see your presentation and notes.  
You can also upload all of your old Powerpoints into Google Presentations with only a few edits necessary to make them look correct.  Because Powerpoint formats slides a little differently, you will have some format issues when uploading a Powerpoint into a Google Presentation, but these are easy to fix.
Watch the video for the basics of using Google Presentations.



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