Google Hangout with Students Workaround

classroom applications

Conducting a Google Hangout with students is one way we can extend the class day beyond the 45 minutes we are given.  Teachers have had review sessions at night or have even had online meetings with students who may be working on an assignment or project and need some help.  This is not something that every teacher is going to do, but some teachers choose to do this to help their students.

The problem happens when student GAFE accounts won’t work with Hangouts on Air due to their age or some other issue.  There is a workaround that is fairly simple.  Using a Google Sites page and a Google Doc, you can still have a Hangout where students can ask questions and you can provide feedback.  The nice thing is that the Hangouts on Air are posted to YouTube when completed so you can share with other students.  Watch the video below to find out how to do this.



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