Moodle – Creating Quizzes

tech tips

Moodle can also be used to create and assign quizzes.  These quizzes can either be used as a formative assessment or a summative assessment.  There are advantages to having a student type out their answers instead of writing them, especially if they do not have great handwriting.  I will point out that there is no way to completely make a quiz “cheat proof” but using the quiz system as a formative assessment for both you and your students could provide much needed feedback.  There are many options in how to create a quiz although it does take a little bit of time to create each quiz.  You can make up this time after the quiz by having the ability to quickly look up how they did and what they put in for answers at a later time.  Make sure you are clear on the purpose of your quiz before you create it.

Watch the video below for the basics of creating a quiz in Moodle.



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