Kahoot – Game Based Formative Assessment Tool

tech tips

Kahoot is a new, free game based formative assessment tool for use in the classroom.  The teacher can create quizzes, discussions or polls for students and they can use their computer, tablet or phones to join to answer the questions.  Using the points system, more points are awarded the sooner someone answers correctly.  This can replace lots of review activities and even formative assessments.  There is rapid feedback to the teacher and the students and results can be downloaded after each quiz.

Students could even create their own quizzes to share out with the class.  They would have to use critical thinking skills to develop good questions and possible wrong answers.  The questions they create would also be a good indicator of their understanding.  Either way it brings in a fun, game like atmosphere to the classroom that can increase engagement while giving good feedback about student understanding.
Watch the video below to see how to get started.



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