New site = New ideas

This is the first post on my new site.  As I work with more and more people across the country and world, I figured I needed another site to make sure that all of my posts and ideas get placed into one location.  This will be my site but it will also include work that I do for the school district that I work at and should also be a great place to host those resources that I use when I do presentations at conferences.  I am just always looking for new ways to connect and share with others and this site will be another attempt at that.  We will just have to see where this journey takes us.

You will find all of my previous posts from my others sites on this site also.  I have dated all of my old posts so they appear like they were posted in last August.  This is just to help format the way they look on the site.  There are a lot of tech tips and then classroom applications and ideas.  If you are looking for a topic, I am sure I have something on it.  If I do not, I will at some point.  I love to learn and there is so much left to learn.

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