Tech Time 2.0 Episodes 4 and 5

We just finished the latest Tech Time 2.0 Google Hangout on Air.  These are just a way I thought we could have teachers share out what they are doing with technology that is effective in their classrooms.  This is just another way to support collaboration between teachers.

If you look at the topics of the Tech Time 2.0 episodes so far you may be able to see a pattern.  Each episode will focus on at least one component of the 4Cs of learning (Collaboration, Creation, Curation and Critical Thinking).  I believe these can be a focus to help integrate technology effectively into the learning environment in order to improve the learning environment.  These concepts go beyond any one tool and can be carried out in so many different ways that differentiation is key for teachers to do this effectively.

Episode 5: Megan H. (student communication) and Tagboard



Episode 4: Aileen S. (Google site) and Extensions



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