Curriculet for Reading Comprehension

There is an ever increasing list of digital tools that can be used in the classroom to assist students when it comes to reading and comprehension.  These tools allow for there to be assistance built into the texts and resources made readily available to assist students as they become better and better readers.  

Curriculet is a nice tool that allows you to easily place information into a text or even a quiz question in order to assist in the reading process.  You can place extra information in, such as definitions and clarifications, add videos or add questions.  
Classes are easy to create and there are a lot of texts already available.  There are even pre-made curriculets that you can use to get started.  You can even upload your own text (as a PDF) to use the tools to assist your students as they read and comprehend.  
Watch the video below to see how to get started and the basics of using Curriculet.


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