Now an authorized Google Education Trainer

Google Apps have been a huge resource in my classroom and in the classrooms of teachers that I get to work with.  Google Apps make it very easy to embed the 4C’s of digital learning in today’s classroom and are constantly improving to make the learning more effective each day.  I have used the apps designed by Google for a while now and am always happy to help others learn how to use them in their classrooms.  I even use them extensively in my personal life such as using a Google Doc to help plan a trip we are taking later this summer with 8 other people.

As part of my plan to maintain a growth mindset I have applied for and been accepted as an authorized Google Education Trainer.  This means I get to connect and collaborate with so many other educators that have implemented Google Apps into their classrooms, I have more resources at my disposal to better help the teachers that I work with and I am in a better position to help those outside of my own district.  While the learning in the classroom is always the focus, without tools to help us do so much more than we were able to in the past our learning environments would not be what they are today.  I look forward to being able to do so much more and will enjoy being connected with other great educators.

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