Use RSS Feed Reader Extension to Get Updates of Google Site

One question that we got a bit towards the end of last year was an easier way for teachers to know when there are updates to the AHS/AMS Tech Innovation site.  Since this is a Google Site and we use the Announcements page to post new tech tips and ideas, you can use a RSS reader to see the updates.  You can even use a Chrome Extension to get notices when the announcements page is updated, when new tips are posted.

We tried out a couple different extensions and found two that fit our needs well.  You can even use these extensions to follow other sites when they are updated if they have a RSS feed.  
The extensions can be found at:


All you need to do is to click the links, install the extension and then add the rss feed for the announcements page of the Google Site.  Ours is, and it will check the page for updates periodically.  
You can even change how often it updates since you do not need it to update very often.  Both extensions are a little different in how they look and work but they will both alert you when the site is updated.  I would install them both and then see which one fits your needs and preferences better.  If you right-click on the extension after it is installed, you can change the options so that it updates more or less frequently. 
Watch the video below to see how to get started if you need a bit more help.

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