Enable Offline Drive Editing (Updated)

Despite what many people think, you can work on your Google Drive files offline.  You need to enable offline mode for your Google Drive which saves your files into your browser so you can access them when you lose your connection.  This is working better in the updated Google Drive but if you are still on the old Drive, you can still enable it.

Go to the left side of the screen and click on the More button.
Click on “Offline” and follow the directions so that you can now edit files when offline.  It will take some time to download all of your files and will automatically update them when you are connected online.  You can edit your files and they will update the online version the next time you connect.  When offline, go to drive.google.com to get to your files or access it through the app in Chrome.
Go to the upper right of your screen when in your Drive and click on the Gear Icon, select “Settings”.
Simply click the box for Offline to sync your documents to be able to work on them offline.  This works better than in the old drive as you are able to now see all of your files in their folder organization as opposed as to the large list seen in the old Drive.


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