Differentiation Using Google Forms and Doctopus

As we try to change our instruction to better meet the needs of students, we find that we need to differentiate more and more to meet the different learners that we have.  To get to this differentiation we need to start with data, information from assessments or surveys, in order to determine the needs of our students.  Once we have an understanding of their needs, we can then direct them to the path that they need in order to learn and grow.  We should not be doing the same things for those students who have already mastered the content as for those that still need some help to master the learning.  

In the videos below I show you how you can use a Google Form to get information from your students and then how to use that information to use Doctopus to differentiate what resources/assignments/assessments you give each student.  
One easy thing you can do in the spreadsheet with the results from the Form is to color code the responses to help you visually see where the students are at.  In the example I provided, I asked them to gauge their understanding using a 4 point scale.  Those that gave me a 1 or a 2 would need different help than those that gave a 3 or a 4.  I used the conditional formatting to color the 1 and 2 with red and the 3 and 4 with green.  
This is a simple thing and something you can even set up ahead of time in order to get their results.


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