Awesometables on a Google Site

Like me, you may have run into a dilemma where you have a lot of information you want to share on a Google Site but no easy way to organize it all.  Previously I listed all of my digital tools onto a single page and would try to categorize them and include links to any blog posts I would create for that tool.  The problem becomes that it was taking too much work to keep it organized while at the same time it was not open for other people to add.  I had a Google Form at the bottom of the page for people to add to it but it required me to check it every now and then and that delay was not helpful.

Awesometables has helped me fix this problem by allowing me to not only embed a Google Sheet onto my website but make it so that you can sort and search using the column data in order to find that which you need.  I am using a Google Form that is spitting the information out onto a spreadsheet.  That spreadsheet needs to be formatted in a certain way but it is very easy to get it set up.  All you have to do is add the Awesometables gadget to your site and you are ready, for the most part. 
You can go in and do a little more by adding the steps necessary to make any urls clickable in the table.  Since the tools I was sharing out were on sites, it only made sense to do this, even if I had to break the unspoken rule of not messing with the responses page of a Google Form.  Add in some equations and a little work and the data that is put into the form is included on the site right away and even makes it so you can just click the links included.
Video showing how to get started and how I got my table set up.

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