Doing More with Data from a Google Form

Using a Google Form to get information and data from others is very easy to do.  What you do with that information can be a bit tricky but there are simple things to do, like viewing the summary of responses which creates, automatically, graphs and charts of the data.  However, you really do not want to mess with the sheet that the responses show up on because if you are not careful, it will cause issues.

Easiest thing to do if you want to mess with your data is to bring it onto a new page.  Copying and Pasting allows you to do this, but you have to always go back to copy new data to paste into the other sheet.  Importrange will pull the information from one sheet to another, they do not even need to be in the same file.  One issue with Importrange that I did not mention in the video is that you can not sort the data because it just pulls it in from the source.  So you either need to copy the data to sort or you could go a step further and find ways to add more formulas that will auto sort the data too.
Conditional formatting allows you to easily change the color of a cell based on the information in the cell.  This is something that you can easily do so that you can see quickly who needs assistance and who is ready to move on in class.
Watch the video below to see some of these features you can do easily, with practice.

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