Google Innovator Academy – Here I Come!

Last Friday I received an email that was the best email I have received in quite a while.  I got the acceptance email from the Google Innovator Academy and I will be taking part in the Boulder Cohort this June, right after ISTE.  This was my 4th time applying which just goes to show that failure does not mean you stop, you just improve and try again.  So I will get to present at 8:30am on Wednesday, June 29th over how we have used some gamification and challenges in our tech PD this year.  That afternoon I will start the Google Innovator Academy for 2.5 days.  Between leading my first Edcamp this year, getting to present at ISTE, and now taking part in the Google Innovator Academy, this has been a great year for reaching some of my professional goals.

I applied to this because I was looking for new learning and collaborating experiences.  I will be joining 35ish other educators as we work and learn together.  It will be a great experience from what I have heard from others.  I hope to take what I learn from this experience and continue to work forward in my own learning to better serve the students and teachers I work with.

Here is my video for anyone who is interested, but I will say this is not my best video but it seemed to do the job.

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