Tech 2 Minute Warning # 1 – Engaging the Shy Learner

In an effort to keep growing and to try new things, I have decided to try creating quick 2 minute video blog posts about various topics related to educational technology and learning.  I have written many blog posts about various topics but I have also been a big proponent of using video as you can get more across using video than you can with just text.  I also want to keep this quick, as the idea is to get big ideas across quickly to help others move forward without spending a lot of time stuck in the details.  The goal is to keep it to 2 minutes or less but some videos may go over by a little.

As with anything, you learn more as you go along.  I already know I will be working on using a different video recorder, as the webcam in my computer does not produce a high enough quality of video for what I want.  I will also work on the quality of the final product, all of this is giving me a great opportunity to learn as I go along.

The title of this was a relatively easy one to create, I wanted the videos to be short (about 2 minutes or less) and as an avid fan of football (2 minute warning), this title just seemed to fit.

Enjoy the first try at this, any constructive feedback is always welcomed.

Tech 2 Minute Warning #1 – Engaging the Shy Learner

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