Using a Google Form to Share Student Work


If you want students to be able to view each other’s work during a class, there is a good number of ways to do this.  Which way works best for you will depend on your background in using the tools and what tools you already use.  One easy way is to use a Google Form to have students create a list of the links to their documents/presentations/drawings.


Directions for Students

1.  Students will need to be in their document/presentation/drawing.  Selection “Share” in the upper right corner.  

2.  Select the “Change” under “Who has access” and next to “Private”.  We want to make it so that others can view, not edit, this document.  

3.  For students at Ames High School I would suggest selecting the “People at Ames Community Schools with the link” option.

4.  Make sure the “Access” is set to “Can View” and then hit “Save”.

5.  Copy the link to your document.


Teacher Directions

1.  Create a new Google Form.

2.  Title the Google Form with the name of the assignment and the period #.

3.  If all you want is for the students to be able to view the other documents, if the link is the only information that they or you will need, the first question should just be a “text” question.

4.  In the “Question Title” box I would just place the words “Insert link”.

5.  Make this a “Required question”.

6.  Click “Done”.

7.  Click “View live form”.

8.  Copy the link to the form to give to your students.  I would suggest using a url shortener.  Directions for this can be found on my blog postings.  

9.  Go back to your Form editing page.  

10.  Click “View Responses”.

11.  Click the “Share” button.  Change the settings so that “Anyone with the link can view”.  Copy the link to the Responses.

12.  Go back to your Form page.  Paste the link to the responses page into the “Confirmation page” box.  I would uncheck all of the other boxes.  

13.  Now your students will be able to enter the link to their document into the form and then get a confirmation page that shows them the link to view all of the other responses.  You will have to create a new form for each assignment (or you could create another question on the form so that they have to enter the name for each assignment and then you would have one giant form for each section).


There are lots of other ways to do this, this is just one way to do it.  The best way all depends on what tools you are comfortable with using.  I would suggest trying multiple ways to find the best one for you.

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