Midwest Google Summit Reflection #1

(I posted this on my Google Site that I made for my job at Ames High School but wanted to also post this here.)

While at the Midwest Google Summit this past week at the Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin, I had the extreme fortune to listen to Krista Moroder.  Krista is a Director of Learning for Instructional Technology and Library Media in a Wisconsin school district.  She was presenting about their EdTech Challenge (www.edtechchallenge.com), which is the professional development plan for her district that was developed between many people across the country.  Krista went through the whole thought process that she had about this project, which is a great way to help teachers use technology effectively in their classrooms.  She focuses on the fact that technology is a tool and should only be used when it makes the lesson more efficient and effective.  We always discuss how we need to focus on the learner and not on the tool and her message was spot on.  Some of her key points have aligned nicely with my visions for our professional development at Ames High School.  I highly suggest that everyone in education watch this video and think about how it applies to your situation and how you can change the situation for the better.


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