Ed Tech Idea #325*

*This is just a random number, did not feel like putting 1 there but also wanted to start a weird numbering sequence.

While looking at action cameras the other day, think GoPro and the Sony Action Cam, I started thinking about how we could use these in education.  If a gadget I buy can also be used at work, I find it easier to get it.  I know that Google Glass is gaining a lot of popularity by teachers who are finding great uses in the classroom but that is well beyond the value on my gift card.

My ideas centered around getting the perspective of the students in the classroom for the teacher to use to self-evaluate their own lessons.  Often times we find it difficult to visualize what our classes look like from the student perspective.  This would be an easy way for a teacher to have a student wear the camera to record the class and then the teacher could watch it later.  This would not just be some footage from the corner, this would show the class from the actual student perspective.

Running at a cost right now from $170-$200 for the base line models of the GoPro and the Sony Action Cam, this is not something everyone could do but if one person had it they could always lend it out.  I have always offered up my gadgets to others to use when I am not, spread the wealth I say.

These cameras would also make it easier to record certain events like experiments or field trips and the time lapse feature could capture some very interesting information over a period of time.  The key is to think about what information you could get and use now that you could not get before.

Some information I found about POV cameras in the classroom; http://www.profkindt.com/site/POV_media.html.

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