iPad as a Portable Whiteboard

A point that I have tried to make before is going to be made again, we have to look at ways of using technology beyond the basics.  There are ways that we can use the technology to really help the learning in the classroom but it helps to not just look at a device being used in a single way.

If a teacher has an iPad and either an Apple TV or their laptop connected to the project, they have a portable digital whiteboard.  Using an app like Educreations or ShowMe, an iPad can be used to allow students to share their ideas and answers with the rest of the class quickly.
(I previously wrote how an Apple TV and a Macbook Air laptop can do a similar thing, allowing the students to share and help guide the learning.)
Connect the iPad to the Apple TV using AirPlay, or you can install a program like Reflector onto your computer so the screen of the iPad is shown on the computer, and using the apps you now have a portable whiteboard for the students so they can show their work.
You could have students work out math or physics problems, solve chemical equations, write out or correct written text and even manipulate any program on the iPad.  This engages the student who is using the iPad and allows others to compare their learning to each other.  This can create a more reflective learning environment because the students will be more involved in the learning process.  The mobility factor also means that students will feel less nervous since they won’t have to stand in front of the class, they can stay in their seats.
This is a simple way to both increase engagement and reflection in the classroom.  The video below contains a quick how-to with the iPad apps.  For more information on how to connect an iPad to an Apple TV, check out my other site which is listed on the side.  Reflector is not the only program that allows you to mirror an iPad to a computer, there are others but Reflector has a free version that works for 10 minutes at a time.


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