Remind 101 – Easily Connect with Students and/or Parents

Remind101 is a free service that allows teachers to easily connect with both students and parents using text messages.  

The beauty is that the teacher never has to give out their phone number and the students never have to give their number to the teacher.  Everything is done through the Remind101 service.  The teacher or coach sets up a “class” and gets a code that the student and/or parent will use to “join” that “class”.  The teacher or coach can then use the internet browser interface, smarthphone/tablet app, or their own texting app to send out a text to that “class”.  You can even schedule messages to be sent out at a specific time.  Students can not respond back to the number so it is a one-way conversation.

This tool is all about creating an easy way to stay connected to students and/or parents.  You could easily send out reminders about class or practice, send out an updated schedule or inform them about upcoming changes, or even just send out important news as it happens. 
With so many students and parents having a phone with them, whether it is a smartphone or a dumbphone, this becomes a very simple way to stay connected.  
Watch the video below to get started.  You can also find some more resources here.



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