Tech Time 2.0 Episode 6: 4Cs (no teacher guests)

Due to my own scheduling issues this week, I was not able to meet with a teacher to do the Tech Time 2.0 episode like I have been doing lately.  Instead I decided to do my own Google Hangout on Air and talk quickly about the 4Cs.  The reason being that I wanted to have a common language when speaking with others as well as testing out an idea for the summer.  This summer I was thinking about doing a weekly video podcast and offering the chance for teachers to join in.  This would focus on technology integration and topics related to that but could vary depending on what was happening that week.  When we go to ISTE in late June I would love to do a Hangout there with others and showcase some of our learning from the event.  I figure this video will be a test run for this idea and we will see where this goes, if it is effective or note.  I am not afraid to try new things and fail along the way, something that we have to remember is part of the learning process and is ok to have happen in the classroom, for students and teachers.


Feedback would be appreciated.

Episode 6: The 4Cs (no teacher guest)



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