Blog Challenge Day 6 – Share a Photo a Day

Today I led a PD session on using Social Media in the Classroom and the big idea that I think many need to hear is that we can use social media to share what is going on in our classroom.  One easy thing you can do is to share what is going on in your classroom each day by posting a picture onto your social media tool of choice.  That picture can be a great way for parents to see what their students are doing and other teachers what you are doing.  As long as you pay attention to the rules for sharing student information, avoid using full names as well as other rules, you should be safe.  There are many districts, schools and teachers already doing this and they have seen a lot of positive impact by the use of it.  Think of what you can share each day and share it.

(A longer post concerning this will include resources and examples but I do not have the time for that today.)

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