Google Classroom Updates – 8/12/14

Google Classroom is starting to be rolled out to schools around the world and there are even a couple of updates from the preview that some had access to over the summer.  You can see my previous postings for Google Classroom here.

There are 2 big changes, one is an About section and the other is the ability to view student work before they submit it.  The About section is a good place to put in the information about your class as well as a place to have your main files, such as a syllabus or other information sheet.  The ability to view student work before they submit it is a major update as this allows us to provide feedback and assistance along the learning path instead of just at the end.  
Google Classroom is not designed to be an LMS but is a good way to assist in file management and feedback.  The ability to have a secure place to conduct online discussions also makes this a valuable tool in the classroom.  Watch the video below to see the new changes and give Classroom a try when it hits your domain.



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