Using Flipboard to Share Curated Resources

Over the summer one of my goals was to find a better way to share curated resources with others.  I enjoy finding articles and other resources that I know can be helpful to teachers that I work with and making sure they have an easy way to access them.  I have tried using various tools but after one of my last tools decided to charge after only being able to share a few resources a day, I decided it was time to find a new one.

Flipboard works well on tablets and there is a decent web interface available also.  It looks like a nice magazine that you can easily swipe through to see all of the articles.  There is a Chrome extension that you can use to quickly add some resource online to your Flipboard magazine.  You can even embed the Flipboard onto a Google Site for easier access if you are already using a Google Site.

(Article describing how to embed a Flipboard onto a Google Site

I have been playing with Flipboard all summer and decided to use it extensively this year to share resources with others.

Watch the video below to see how I have been using Flipboard and how it looks on my site (

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