Getting Started with iMovie 10 (2013)

Over the summer the student laptops got a new image which included the updates to both iMovie and Garageband.  Since these programs are used by a good number of teachers, that means I need to update my tutorials to help students when they get stuck.  Typically students need help getting started but they do a pretty good job after that if they have the resources available to help them along.  In class those resources can include their teacher and me but when they are outside of class and working on their assignments, they might need some other resources to help get started.  I typically will create a quick tutorial video to show them how to get started and then either find resources to help with the more advanced stuff or make further tutorials if the classroom activities require it.

Tutorial video to get started with iMovie 10.0 (2013)

Resources to go beyond the basics

Making the Most of iMovie’s Lesser Known Features

10 Tips for iMovie 10

Apple Support Page for iMovie 10 (2013)

Transitions in iMovie 10

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