Updates to Padlet

Padlet is one of those tools that I keep finding uses for when I am using it.  It helps that they keep rolling out new features that add to its usability.  It is a great tool for collaboration and getting feedback but the recent updates make it even more useful as both a curation tool and even a forum tool.  

The updates include a very useful chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/padlet-mini/kcljbbiddpoeaknnjaminoceoojdbikp?utm_source=chrome-ntp-iconthat allows you to add a site or resource (such as a YouTube video) to a Padlet wall as well as updates to what you can post and how they are arranged.  You can now easily put videos or other files into your Padlet wall as well as use the computer’s camera to take a picture.  The ability to create a more grid like pattern on the Padlet wall means you have a great way to show off resources and other files.  Padlet is a very easy tool to use and has a lot of uses, as I keep finding new uses for it every day

 The video below goes through the updates while you can find my original post about Padlet here.


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